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Male Inferno

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This is an elite community where we only post high quality photos that have yet to be posted all over LJ. Please read over the rules before submitting yourself for membership.

1. You MUST be at least 18 Years Old.
2. Either You Must Have Your Full Birthdate on Your Info at All Times, or You may Before Joining Leave a Comment On the Welcome Post, stating it. That is you don't feel comfortable with it on your Info at all times.

If you submit a post that breaks any of the following rules, it will be rejected.

These rules are subject to change at any time. though they most likely won't unless there is a need for that.

1. All photos MUST be of high quality. No blurred, grainy, or manipulated images will be approved.

2. When Posting Here Make Sure It Belongs Here. This Community was designed for media that would not be allowed in sexifiedheat, because of the sexual matter.

3. All photos MUST be of at least a width of 400 pixels. Anything under 350 will be rejected.

4. Due To The Nature Of the Community, and the Posts themselves, I am not going to require a Lj Cut Be Made. It would be nice, but not a requirement. However it will be required if the pictures or video are of an EXTREME nature. If they depict watersports, fisting, or any other extreme activity you must put it behind a cut explaining the content. This is for the reason that some things may be far from what someone would want to see.

5. Full sets would be appreciated, but not a requirement.

6. If the set you are posting is over 10 images, please upload a zipped set (ONLY A ZIP FILE, NO RAR Files Please.) to Yousendit.com, and put the link within the post, offering other members the option to downloaded them all at once.

maleinferno strongly encourages its members to use WeblogImages.com as their image host!
Unlike Photobucket.com, WeblogImages has a friendly and helpful support team, allows adult images, hosts video and music files, hosts zipped files, and has cheaper premium accounts.

As most people do use PhotoBucket for their image host, and the recent closing of accounts with nudity, if you would feel more comfortable sending the photos to jaydenspears at jaydenspears@livejournal.com, he will post them himself, giving you full credit of course. This is to ensure that your personal account won't be bothered.

If you don't want to do that, we suggest only posting the non-nudes as pics and offering the nudes in a zip file that you have uploaded to YouSendIt.com.

1. The only rule here is to try and stay constructive, But if you post a commenting that is rude. Be warned You Will More Than Likely Get A Reply that is Not very Nice.

That is All, Please Enjoy..............